Fishtank Oct 6 2007
Fishtank is not really a game, rather than a screensaver. It simulates a fish swarm in a fishtank and a shark that hunts and eats the fish. There are several interactive controls: The project was created during the summer semester 2007 in computer graphics using C++, OpenGL and GLUT.

Fishtank Screenshot    Fishtank Screenshot    Fishtank Screenshot

Mineheern's Lair Mar 7 2007
Information about the game can be found on

Mineheern's Lair   Mineheern's Lair   Mineheern's Lair
Witchcraft Mar 1 2007
Witchcraft was written by Ralph Erdt and Andreas Textor (that's me) for the Programming 3 course at the University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden during the winter semester 06/07. The player controls a witch on her flying broom and can use spells and heavy weapons to shoot plenty of different creatures. There are 3 levels, 4 weapons - frog spell, magic detonator (guided missiles), gonne (machine gun), hexenschuss (Note: this is the german word for lumbago, used as a pun) (railgun); 7 different enemies, 3 skill settings and the possibility to save the game. The game was written in Java. Note that the game is in german, but there isn't really much to read.

Screenshot 1    Screenshot 2    Screenshot 3

Download Note: To play you need Java. This software is already installed on most computers. To start the game in Windows, a double click on Witchcraft.jar should suffice. Under Linux and other systems you can start the game using java -jar Witchcraft.jar. If you need to install Java, you can get it at
Zik Zak Jun 17 2006
Zik Zak is a thinking and reaction game. The game was written in C++ with the help of SDL, SDL_mixer and OpenGL. You follow a small green spaceship through an abstract world and try to reach the exit in each level. You can control the flying direction only indirectly by shooting the prisms. The ship ricochets according to the angle of incidence.

Screenshot 1    Screenshot 2

Download Note: Both SDL and SDL_mixer are available for a lot of platforms, thus the program should compile and run on other systems as well, like MacOS X or FreeBSD.