Fishtank Oct 6 2007
Fishtank is not really a game, rather than a screensaver. It simulates a fish swarm in a fishtank and a shark that hunts and eats the fish. There are several interactive controls: The project was created during the summer semester 2007 in computer graphics using C++, OpenGL and GLUT.

Fishtank Screenshot    Fishtank Screenshot    Fishtank Screenshot

Zik Zak Jun 17 2006
Zik Zak is a thinking and reaction game. The game was written in C++ with the help of SDL, SDL_mixer and OpenGL. You follow a small green spaceship through an abstract world and try to reach the exit in each level. You can control the flying direction only indirectly by shooting the prisms. The ship ricochets according to the angle of incidence.

Screenshot 1    Screenshot 2

Download Note: Both SDL and SDL_mixer are available for a lot of platforms, thus the program should compile and run on other systems as well, like MacOS X or FreeBSD.