Opera keybindings Oct 25 2009

On request: Here is my keybindings configuration for the Opera browser. My keybindings are based on the Vimperator for Opera, especially the hints mode is taken from there. I don't use several bindings (e.g. ZZ for quitting Opera) when there are perfectly usable bindings in the default configuration. I added navigation bindings from original Vimperator that were missing, namely ctrl+a and ctrl+x (see below). Also it took me quite some time for figuring out navigation bindings that really allow me to navigate with the keyboard only. Hints mode is nice, but for pages with a lot of links, hints can overlap. I found that for me the combination of "find in link" and the keyboard link selection of Opera is much faster in most cases.

I have four different assignments on HJKL keys (without modifier, with shift, with control, with alt). To be able to use the alt modifier, I had to get rid of the help menu, which is opened with alt+h (I found no way to just disable the hotkey for the menu). To do this, create a custom menu config that overrides the help menu, i.e. put this file in $HOME/.opera/menu. It has the help menu commented out.

To get started with the bindings, read the short descriptions. To install the bindings, copy the file to $HOME/.opera/keyboard.

Key Description
h move left
j move down
k move up
l move right
H history back
J select next frame
K select previous frame
L history forward
ctrl+h previous tab
ctrl+j move down half a screen
ctrl+k move up half a screen
ctrl+l next tab
alt+h move navigation link left
alt+j move navigation link down
alt+k move navigation link up
alt+l move navigation link right
gg top of page
G bottom of page
d delete tab
: select address bar
F9 select page
ctrl+z undo delete tab
P open URL in clipboard in new tab
r reload page
/ find
, find in links
n find next
N find previous
f hints mode
ctrl+a select next number in URL
ctrl+x select previous number in URL

Tags: opera