pacinstall v0.2 Mar 19 2006
Slackware users probably know Checkinstall: When installing software from source archives, you call checkinstall instead of make install, which automatically creates a packgage and installs it, so that you can easily deinstall it later. pacinstall is the same thing for Arch Linux, you can install software from sources the quick way without needing to write a PKGFILE.
A binary package will be created and installed, no PKGFILE will be generated.
You need installwatch, which can be installed by the following command:
pacman -Sy installwatch
Changes in version 0.2: Fixed a bug that prevented correct handling of file names with spaces

Pseudo Terminal Emulator Sep 7 2004
This script can be used to remote-control console applications that don't support this by themselves: Background: I had mp3blaster running on an old computer in the network and wanted to bind the functions "next song" and "previous song" to keys on my desktop computer. If I started the program using this script, I could easily send the required command over the network via ssh.

texburn v0.4 Sep 4 2004
The all-in-one solution suitable for every purpose concerning cd-burning and ripping.
All I found were two types of such programs: on the one hand there graphical recording frontents, on the other hand frontends for the console, that are so minimalistic that they are too uncomfortable. So I wrote it the way I like it: Fast, easy and automated access to the cd-recorder for the console. The program works mostly without menus, only if it's absolutely necessary, a menu is displayed. You give one parameter on the commandline, and the program knows what to do with it.
It's that easy.
Note: The script depends on some programs, see the README for details.
Other scripts Dec 4 2003
Here are several other useful (or not) scripts: