genplant v0.3 Apr 10 2007
genplant is a simple L-System plant generator and renderer. Information about L-Systems can be found in The algorithmic beauty of plants.
Changes in version 0.2: Interactive modification of angle and line length, more options, no more dependencies except SDL
Changes in version 0.3: Changeable axiom, VRML export, misc. things. See VRML-Demonstration (needs a VRML viewer or browser plugin. Note that FreeWRL didn't work for me for this VRML-file, but Cortona works (available only for Windows, sorry (VRML sucks anyway))).

Screenshot 1: L-System F->FF-[-F+F+F]+[+F-F-F]
Screenshot 2: L-System F->F[+F]F[-F][F]
Screenshot 3: L-System same as 1, but with randomization of the angles

genplant Screenshot    genplant Screenshot    genplant Screenshot