Witchcraft Mar 1 2007
Witchcraft was written by Ralph Erdt and Andreas Textor (that's me) for the Programming 3 course at the University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden during the winter semester 06/07. The player controls a witch on her flying broom and can use spells and heavy weapons to shoot plenty of different creatures. There are 3 levels, 4 weapons - frog spell, magic detonator (guided missiles), gonne (machine gun), hexenschuss (Note: this is the german word for lumbago, used as a pun) (railgun); 7 different enemies, 3 skill settings and the possibility to save the game. The game was written in Java. Note that the game is in german, but there isn't really much to read.

Screenshot 1    Screenshot 2    Screenshot 3

Download Note: To play you need Java. This software is already installed on most computers. To start the game in Windows, a double click on Witchcraft.jar should suffice. Under Linux and other systems you can start the game using java -jar Witchcraft.jar. If you need to install Java, you can get it at http://www.sun.com/java/.