My name is Andreas Textor, this is my personal website.
Here you can find some things I have produced so far.
Dotfiles update Feb 14 2010
Added .vimrc and xmonad.hs; updated .bashrc, .screenrc, .dir_colors.
New software: Estax Jan 25 2009
I wrote a documentation and packaged up Estax. Estax (Easy Static XML) is a minimalist tool for generating static websites. This site is actually built using it.
Read more, see a sample input file, download and documentation over here.
Latest changes Nov 23 2008
I revised the site completely. The site is no longer based on a dirty-hack PHP script but uses a home-brewn simple mini-cms based on XSLT (which I'm going to release as soon as I have time to package it and write a minimum documentation). While being at it anyway, I updated the content as necessary and removed some of the less interesting things, such as old screenshots or my musical recommendations (if you're curious about my musical taste, you can use the on the About page.
Also, I decided to stop maintaining the site in two languages, because that's just too much work. It was a hard decision which language to continue and which to drop, and as you can see, I decided to drop German (which is my native language) and continue English, because there are probably more visitors that are capable of reading English and not German than the other way round.
History Nov 22 2008